SUP in a sunny Copenhagen

It was a second day of a spring vacation in Copenhagen and the plan was to go to Amager Strand and do some SUP. Morning was beautiful and after a nice breakfast in a nice local cafeteria in Frederiksberg we headed first to the city where we spent some time waiting the SUP rental to be open.

After a while we took a metro to Femoren which is the nearest metro station to the Kajakhotellet.  The place where you can rent kayaks and SUP boards. It is Friday midday so there is not that many people on the beach area, but there were a few people enjoying the warm and sunny day though. I can bet on that there will be a lot of people in the evening and the weekend to come.

I rented a SUP board for an hour.  I got a narrow inflatable one, it was very nice. In the beginning there was almost not at all wind (2 m/s) but it increased while I was paddling (5 m/s) so that in the end I got a very good exercise when paddling against the wind.  The canal is so narrow that there was not waves still, so the place is good for new beginners to sup as well.

After a good paddling we bought refreshments on the kiosk by the sea and then we decided to continue to the shopping center Field’s in Orestad.  It is so fun to travel in metro in Copenhagen.

By the way it was easy to take the SUP outfit in the luggage, a short wet suit and neoprene shoes do not take that much space in a trolley. Tested and approved.

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