SUP from Paddington Basin to Camden Lock

The very first summer vacation week this year I spent in London.  London is so nice city, there is a lot to see and lot’s of different kind of activities to do.  This time I did a SUP journey in a canal from Paddington Basin to Camden Lock via Little Venice and London Zoo.  There are you not alone, there are lot’s of canal boats, electric GoBoats and even some cayaks going around so you need to be very careful and take a good attention all the time. It had been a hot summer and not that windy so there were lot’s of weed on the some areas of the canal.  It was really hard to paddle through the weeds specially for the first one in a row.

What was really exciting was the long and dark canal in Little Venice.  The canal is 249 meters long and it was so dark. The experience was really something! Never done something like that before.

Also it was fun to paddle through the London zoo: we saw some exotic birds and hyenas too.  We paddled 9 km and it took three hours, there were some waiting times to let big canal boats to go first. After the trip I was hungry and tired, dropped by the Petit Pret to take a take away salad and went to eat and sleep in my hotel room.  Good exercise during the city holiday!


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