What a lovely SUP in London!

A holiday week in London was really nice even the weather was colder than expected, it was almost freezing.  Finally also the SUP session with Active360London was set for Wednesday . The weather on Wednesday was nice and sunny (and it got warmer day by day). The location for SUP was Paddington Basin and Little Venice where long river boats are more typical view than paddleboards.  River boats are lovely and traditional way of transportation in canals in the UK, SUP is a new way to enjoy the beauty of the the rivers. Furthermore the Active360 has a river boat as a base station at Paddington Basin.

The session started at 6.45 pm and the sun was shining when we left from the pier in the Paddington Basin.  The scenery was varying from very urban ones to greener ones along the trip.  Also plenty of birds live in the riversides (e.g. swans and gooses).  The darker side of the urban canal is all the junk and trash which ends on and in the water.

The session was definitely lovely, first half was relaxing and easy and the second half a good exercise against the wind.  And the people were extremely nice! People who all share the passion for SUP. Loved to meet you all Sam, Sarah, Charlie and the two ladies! And welcome to Finland, let’s have a SUP together here as well!


Getting ready:


And go:

And the paddled route (includes also an underground trip to Paddington Station :)):

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