SUP in Antibes (France)

The last beach visited in this holiday in Nice was Antibes.  Antibes is located in South-West from Nice, a half way to Cannes. The trip there took about a half an hour by train, the train was not crowded and there was air conditioning so the trip was very ok. From the train window we saw a very, very long beach area before the actual Antibes.  But have to say in a way that seemed to be a bit boring, nothing but small sandy area between the road/rail road and sea, no palm trees, or any trees or other plans, no cafes, no any sea activities, just sand and sea.

But in Antibes there is a nice village and sandy beach with lot of sea activities available (kite boards, wind surfing, different kind of boats and SUP boards to rent). To get to Antibes beach area take a bus number 14 from the train station, you cannot miss the beach.

The day was the hottest this week (+35), the board I got was a a smaller version of my own BIC board (10’4”). It was hot so I wore swimming suit.  There was a small area covered with a breakwater so it is a good place for beginners and for practising different skills even the beach is located by a busy port and boats and jet skies are passing by.

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