Instead of SUP (Visiting museums in Nice)

Sometimes it is good to nourish the soul with cultural experiences instead of visiting beaches or paddling so we went to see five of municipal museums in Nice.

Natural History Museum is the oldest museum in the city. The collection is told to be very large but the part to be seen in the premises is quite limited. You can get a good Asterix feeling when looking into the eyes of a wild boar.

In the beautiful hill of Cimiez there are two museums: Archeological Museum and Matisse Museum.

Archeological Museum. It is always an enjoyment for a former latin language student to see Roman ruines and statutes :).

Matisse Museum. Full of nice and famous lady figures. Photography was not allowed inside the museum, so no pictures from there. You have to go and see them in live.

Modern and Contemporary Art Museum.  Excellent environment for exhibitions. Both temporary and permanent collections. Also fun.

Palais Lascaris. Baroque building with magnificent paintings in the ceiling. Lot’s of awsome old musical instruments (e.g. pianos, harps and pipes).

All the visited museums were worth of visiting.  (You can buy a 7-day-ticket to enter all 13 municipal museums for 20€). A not French speaker would get even more out of the fabulous collections if there were English information texts available. But anyway, art and artifacts speak all languages.


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