Waterfall in Nice (Cascade de Gairaut)

Near but in a way far away from Nice is an old touristic attraction place: a tyrol type house with waterfall. It is build in 1883 and is very cute as your can see in photos.  The place itself was cool due to waterfall and the cave under the house. But the trip was hot, and it was turning to become almost too hot.

We took a bus number 25 from the Nice center to the direction Cernuschi to get to the Cascade de Gairaut.  This bus goes just once an hour on Saturdays. The ride was very bumby and the road was climbing up and down in the mountains. It was ok, and good way to see places round the city, the bus trip took about one hour.  Then we took off, admired the scene, took the pictures and enjoyed the coolness around the place.  Then we started to wait the bus to go back to the city.  It was really, really hot to stand in the bus stop (+32, no wind, no shadow). After ten minutes we saw the bus coming, we waved to stop it and the driver waved back and just drove ahead. The bus was not definitely fully booked. We saw no-one inside.

What the #¤%&/&¤! It is hot here, do we need to stay here an hour more!!!!! A small village road,in the middle of nowhere. The sun is shining, it will burn us, it will kill us!!

After thinking two seconds we decided to change the direction and go to the bus directing Cernuschi to get in to that bus because it should come sooner than the next one to heading towards Nice.  And it came in another 10 minutes and it stopped and we were so happy about that.  We were rescued!

In the end what happened was that in a few minutes we landed in a very urban place and realized that there is a tram stop front of us. Quick checkup from the bus driver “yes, the tram stop is on the left”, “merci!” very fast act of leaving the bus and walking to the tram stop.

So thank you the first bus driver for not taking us to the bus.  We were much faster back to the Nice city with the new route.

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