SUP in Nice

The Sun is shining, wind is warm and temperature is only +26 (in the morning, during the day it rises untill +32).  Time to make one dream to come true: to sup in Mediterranean Sea. Just swimming suit on (with shorts) this time, no vest, no leash, no belt for camera, no sport tracker.  But neoprene shoes yes, the beach in Nice is covered with big stones so it is nicer to walk with those on.

It is hot so being on water or in water is really comfortable.  Waves are really bigger than I am used to so I rather stay on my knees on SUP board.  Other people on SUP boards also prefer that except few ones, but they seem to enjoy swimming during a sup paddling as well :). (I am not that into to fall into a sea with my glasses on, swimming as it own is fun though).

Going up and down on the waves is relaxing.  But beeing on the knees is really killing after a while so the joy lasts about a half an hour.  Time to paddle back to the beach, carry the board to the rental point, get a quick shower to rinse the salt away from the skin, enjoy the moment and have a cup of refreshing soda.


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