SUP in Eze (France)

Today we made a train trip to Monaco. It was really, really hot day (+35) so we just couldn’t walk around the city that long time.  We saw many fancy cars and beautiful houses and streets, drank some refreshments and then we decided to continue the journey to Eze, a small city located between Nice and Monaco.

In Eze we faced towards the sea and found a very nice and peaceful beach, with SUP rental service 🙂 ( . It was hot so I was ready to jump to the sea and on SUP board.  The rental assistant was really nice and helpful giving instructions and helping when needed. Good service indeed!

I rent the SUP board for a half an hour.  It was a wise thing to do, in that time I did not burn myself in the hot sun.  I paddled back and forward in the bay, enjoying the different kind of waves (different comparing the ones in Finland).  Still I had a challenge to stand up on those waves.  My husband said “You are not stand-up-paddling but doing sit-down-one. I need to fix this!  Anyway the beach in Eze was perfect for SUP and the service today was excellent.


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