Enjoying life in Spain

This weekend I was invited to join to my Spanish friend’s birthday party in Navacerrada, Madrid, Spain. Timing was good because the autumn season has arrived in Finland. It was still summer in Spain even the nights are getting chilly there. The daytime temperature was 25 and the sun was shining warmly,  that is definitely summer for me.

Madrid and Navacerrada are located so that I couldn’t do any SUP there. But I enjoy the visit in many other ways.


On Saturday we visited in La Granja and Segovia. La Granja de S. Ildefonso is a royal palace and Segovia is a really, really beautiful town both in north from Madrid. To get there from Navacerrada, a holiday village 50 km north from Madrid as well, was needed to drive up to one mountain and going down. In Segovia there is a magnicifient aqueduct built by ancient Romans. It is a beauty and impresses everybody.

In Segovia itself is a nice Spanish town with cafeterias and restaurants, we ate well at a very nice one and had a cup of coffee in Plaza Mayor. Also there are couple of great buildings to see and visit: Cathedral and Alcazar.

La Granja:


On Sunday I spend a day in Madrid and visited a park called Retiro. There is a nice artificial lake where you can hire a rowing boat to enjoy the view. (No SUP available). I really enjoyed the moment, the temperature was bit higher than in up to mountains.


P.S. The birthday party on Saturday night was an once in a lifetime experience.  House and location were so beautifull, food was excellent, music was good, dancing was so fun and people made me feel so welcome. Thank you Paz and Federico for the party!

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