A day trip in a beautiful island of Sainte Marguerite (Cannes)

At the moment in Finland it is raining and having a cold July.  But it does not matter if you are in sunny French Riviera.  And we are. Smiling. Smiling. Yesterday we took a train to Cannes to make a small boat trip to the historical island called Sainte Marguerite.  Crossing the sea to the island took about 15 minutes, which was a nice refreshing moment in a sea wind when a temperature is +32 and the sun is shining in a sky where is no clouds at all.

After a short but very nice boat trip we arrived in the island.  Travel guides tell that the island is an old monastery island and it is a quiet place to have relaxing moment away from the hectic urban atmosphere.  It is. And at the same time it also well organized with two restaurants and several small kiosks so you can easy find soft drinks and ice cream when needed.  And you need those in that kind of heat.

In the island you can walk around and see different kind of forestry types and different kind of birds on the artificial pond. Only bad thing was that it was really, really hot for a walk and you really enjoyed to stand under the trees to be in shadows but the trees were magnificent indeed.

We visited also in a Fort royal and Maritime museum, which was a reasonable size of museum having an interesting collection of roman archaeological findings from the area and also interesting stories from the 17th century when the island was a prison for the people which the king himself felt to be a risk for the monarchy.  The most famous prisoner was the Man in the Iron mask.

The island was definitely worth of visiting. The cost of boat trip was 14 euros per person and every needed fanta and ice cream was fun to eat and drink anyway.

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